What in water did Bloom,

waterlover, drawer of water, watercarrier, returning to the range, admire?” – James Joyce.

Joyce’s forty-answer response from the epic work Ulysses is on display in its entirety on the first floor of  Kingsley. This display and each of its answers, posted individually by water spigots and fountains across campus, are installed for the community’s consideration, enjoyment, and reflection.  What of our own analytical, imaginative, and attuning capacities for our daily life and the biophysical world? The What in Water Project calls upon a cultivated engagement of the arts, sciences, & humanities to enable multi/inter/trans disciplinary work and expression. We are invited to consider how our conventionally organized disciplines become inseparable or indistinguishable in important ways. How might we best address the nature of the world with its multiple, complex phenomenon and challenges? Where is the space of dynamic interdisciplinary thought, inquiry, and engagement?

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