Food Security

SAGE.Rachel'sTableLast week SAGE dining services director Ed Comer donated leftover food from the WA dining hall to Rachel’s Table a volunteer-based organization that picks up unsold and unserved food from institutions ranging from schools to restaurants for delivery to 35 different soup kitchens, shelters, and neighborhood pantries in Worcester area.

Nearly 100,000 people living in Worcester County experience food insecurity throughout the year. The United Nations World Food Summit (1996) defined food security as existing ““when all people at all times have access to sufficient, safe, nutritious food to maintain a healthy and active life”. Here in Worcester numerous organizations, in addition to Rachel’s Table, are doing critical work towards ensuring food security for the immediate community– to name a few: the Worcester County Food Bank, the Regional Environmental Council, and the Worcester Food and Active Living Policy Council.

This school year members of the Worcester Academy boys varsity basketball team have traveled down from Union Hill every Wednesday morning to the St. Francis Xavier Center Soup Kitchen on Temple St. to help prepare and serve warm breakfasts as part of St. Johns Food for the Poor Program.

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