WA 6th Grade Annual Tree Project

IMG_4853Last week 6th grade science students worked with urban foresters from Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation on the planting of thirteen trees on Central Campus. The 6th grade class’s annual spring planting tradition is part of WA’s broader participation in the the city’s efforts to plant 30,000 trees by 2014. Species selected were non-Asian Longhorned Beetle hosts, indige-nous, adding to stand diversity, enhancing biodiversity, and/or edibles producing.

Central Campus species included  Abies balsam  (Balsam Fir); Tilia Americana (American Basswood); Hamamelis virginiana (Witchhazel); Liquidambar styraciflua  (Sweetgum); Prunus virginiana (Chokecherry); Quercus x warei  (“Long” Oak); Pinus strobus (White Pine); Amelanchier Laevis (Allegheny serviceberry); and Gleditsia tricanthos var. inermis (Thornless Common Honeylocust). Nine trees planted on South Campus were comprised of six different species: Quercus bicolor (Swamp White Oak); Quercus alba (White Oak); Ostry virginiana (Hophornbeam); Amelanchier Laevis (Allegheny serviceberry); Prunus virginiana (Chokecherry); Pinus strobus (White Pine).

IMG_3834 IMG_3839 IMG_3843

IMG_4870 IMG_4872 IMG_4913 IMG_4940



















































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