WA Students visit ISO New England Facility

photo 2Last week students participating in the Energy Systems Studies Seminar, along with Dr. Murnane and Mr. Carroll, traveled to Holyoke to learn about ISO New England, ” the not-for-profit corporation responsible for keeping electricity flowing across the six-state New England region”. ISO New England oversees, manages, and develops/administers New England’s electric power generation and transmission, regional power system planning, and competitive wholesale electricity markets, respectively. Key Facts** about the New England electric power grid and system:

*6.5 million households and businesses
* ~350 generators
* Top 3 Fuel Sources in 2013: natural gas (46%), uranium-235 for nuclear fission (33%), and Hydro and other renewable sources (14%)
* ~ 32,000 MW generation capacity
* > 8,000 miles of high-voltage transmission lines
* 13 interconnections to power systems in New York and Canada
* All-time peak system demand was 28,130 MW on August 2, 2006

** Sourced from the ISO New England 2014 Regional Electricity Outlook report:ISO.2014.RegionalElectricity.Outlook


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